Who We are

Who We are

Somo Serve Management Company Limited is a recruitment, placement and human resource management company, incorporated in Kenya and duly registered with the Ministry of Labour. Directors and management employees of SoMo have both international and national experience in the areas of finance, auditing, human resource management, communication and capacity building. They are familiar with the many challenges organizations face in putting together teams with the right profiles to make their businesses grow. One of the key objectives of Somo Serve is to give managers the best fit for their workforce needs. Somo will save you the headaches of looking for suitable and reliable employees for every job category. We develop reliable and suitable performance evaluation and internal control systems and manage your payroll systems. We conduct team and capacity building training for your office teams and conduct skills’ analysis and recommend the right workforce mix. We review, develop and recommend suitable internal controls for your operations. We have a rich data of job seekers with skills and competencies you require. We perform vetting and reference checks for you. Whether you are a first-time job-seeker or seasoned professionals, SoMo will help you build a career with one of our many employer partners. We will match your skills with the job requirements that are passionate for your career growth We deliver without delay. We are dependable, and most of all affordable. If you need more information on our organization, please contact us through: info@somoserve.org or md@somoseve.org We look forward to working with you

Our Services

Do you need help with the identification of reliable, qualified and experienced personnel?
Do you need help in identifying a job that matches your skills and experience?

Staff Recruitment

Just give us your needs requirements. We will deliver employees with the right skills, competencies and experiences to make your business grow. Our tailored services are timely, sufficient and affordable.

Staff Development

Are you noticing signs of low staff morale among your employees? We can help you fix it by matching job requirements with individual skills and developing a powerful team building programme specifically for you.

Staff Entitlement

Are you having nightmares due to complaints on staff salaries and entitlements, Somo will help you in managing staff entitlements and developing salary scales for all categories of your staff

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