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SoMo Serve – Accredited Employment Bureau

We are pleased to announce that SoMo Serve is accredited by the Government of Kenya under the National Employment Authority SN103. This means that SoMo Serve is an accredited private employment agency involved in the recruitment of Kenyan Nationals for Overseas and Local employment including domestic workers destined to Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar only in line with the requirements of the Labour Institutions Act, 2007.

To the Job seekers

This means that you should have the confidence dealing with SoMo Serve to find you a job placement both locally and internationally knowing that we are mindful of your personal security and your own welfare. We negotiate sustainable salaries and wages on your behalf and vet any prospective employer to ensure you get a job with a respectable organization. We have expanded our client base for employers seeking qualified Kenyans both locally and abroad especially the Middle East.

Through our expansive network, we have the following open vacancies in the following categories;

  • Security guards (Men and Women)
  • Domestic Workers (UAE & Qatar)
  • Drivers
  • Construction workers
  • Tea boy
  • Office assistants

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To the Employers

SoMo Serve helps the employers get the right staff for the right job. We conduct background check on all our prospective candidates and only retain the good ones. We have a database of job seekers who are readily available for deployment. This saves you time for recruitment processes as we have already shortlisted for you. You will only need to do confirmation interview.

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We proud ourselves as having recruited for schools seeking teaching staff, Supermarkets having employed trustworthy individuals and construction sites in the Middle East having the right men and women on their construction sites.

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From time to time we hold training for the job seekers to ready them for job placement. This year, we have held two training camps for security guards.

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