November Security Guard Training – Success!

Most Kenyans do not know what it entails to be a security guard, what procedures are to be taken to ensure proper security is upheld and what the importance of security are. A big thanks to SomoServe Agency for organizing and taking part in training the people of Meru on 12th November 2018 at Meru.

SomoServe Agency is a Human resource company that assists companies and organizations to attract, develop and retain top of the range talents. We not only hire but we also train (, therefore we ensure that our clients get qualified and trained personnel.

Security is one of the crucial part in our day to day life, corporate establishments, our homes and also our personal life’s can be venerable to internal and external risks. Thus we always need well trained office staff, door supervisors and internal security teams. Through SomoServe Agency the team below was trained on various security matters.

The security guard team were educated and empowered on issues which includes; fire and safety, basic first aid, emergency and disaster preparedness and mitigation and hostile environment awareness training. The team did not primarily comprise of security guards but anyone else who was interested took part in the training.

All those who took part in the training were awarded with a Certificate of completion of the training by SomoServe Agency. We also have a database of those who were trained and are qualified to work as part of our security team.

Safety starts with you, should you require hiring security guards who have undergone training on security procedures, safety drills and customer service you can reach out to us through email or fill in the form below.

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