Preparing Kenyan Migrant workers destined for Dubai

Somo Serve has completed a three day the pre-departure
training for Machine operators in redness to  take up overseas
employment by Tencate Tholon Middle East LLC. This is a mandatory
training  conducted by officials from Youth Enterprise and Development
funds which covers topics like culture and traditions, communication,
etiquette of working places, airport procedures and personal security,
among others.


SoMo Serve places a lot of importance in equipping workers with relevant
skills and therefore this mandatory training is in line with the mandate
of SoMo.  SoMo recruits both professionals and semi-professionals for
her clients and training is one of the key requirements before workers
are deployed by SoMo. To know more about SoMo Services, visit our
offices in  Ridgeways, on Kiambu road, next to  Naivas  supermarket



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