Success Stories

Somoserve has been operating for a couple of years now. We can truly say our hard work is bearing fruit! We have secured numerous job opportunities and placements within this short period.

We have successfully secured job opportunities and placements in Kenya, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain.

Nurses Jobs in Saudi Arabia & Qatar

Recently, we secured job placements for nurses to work in Qatar and Saudi Arabia. We conducted interviews at our Nairobi offices with Qatari company representatives. The interview and the meeting saw 4 nurses secure jobs directly in Qatar with a starting salary of KSh. 154,000!

The Somo team, nursing candidates and employer representatives at our offices in Nairobi.

Nursing recruitment is still ongoing. Click on the below link to apply.

Domestic workers

Earlier this year, we successfully sent domestic workers to Saudi Arabia. We facilitated their air tickets and airport transfer. It is important to note that unlike many of our competitors, we did not charge our Saudi Arabia job seekers any commission.

The Somo team with successful candidates who secured jobs in Saudi Arabia

Vacancies are still open for Domestic Workers in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Bahrain. You can apply directly from this link below.

Domestic Workers need to work overseas.

More Jobs Vacancies

Other jobs vacancies available are;

Here are some of the beneficiaries of Somo services.

At Somo, we arrange for a safe transfer of our successful candidates from Kenya to the host country. We have a unique way of ensuring transit safety for our job seekers by dressing them in company attire for easy identification when they arrive in the host country. This helps in avoiding any mix up during job placement. We not only provide jobs to the destination countries but also conduct briefings to job seekers on the respective country’s cultures, do’s and don’ts, and work ethics.

“I love the way Somo handled us. They are very professional. From when one is seeking a job to the time of job placement.” Sheila


“I would like to recommend anyone who is searching for a job overseas to use Somo. First of all, they are legitimate and authorized by the government of Kenya via The National Employment Authority. They also have friendly staff members who take you through the entire process.”

Testimonial by Mercy

“Somo also took time to understand my needs and were able to offer opportunities that matched my interest. I would encourage anyone looking for a well paying job to take a look at Somo. I found that they had a wide network of employers in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE (Dubai & Abu Dhabi).”  Testimonial by Evelyn

“Don’t worry if you don’t have all the necessary documents! Somo will assist you to acquire all travel documents, including police clearance certificates. Thank you Somo for getting me a job ! Do not look anywhere else if your looking for a great job!”

Testimonial by Damah