About Us

SoMo Serve at Glace


Assist companies and organizations to attract, develop and retain top of the range talent required to drive the organizational goals while offering opportunities to individuals to realize their career aspirations


To be a company of choice for job seekers and organizations in need of re-engineering its workforce with the aim of building adequate and reliable human capital

At Somo Serve, we are ethical recruiters with zero tolerance for modern-day slavery and human trafficking.

Our Services


Is your business experiencing cases of under-performance, allegations of discrimination, sexual harassment and abuse of authority among employees? Talk to use. We will help you develop performance policies and put into place compliance mechanism to avoid unnecessary legal suits and unproductive staff – management relations.

Are you in need of a new job or desire to develop your career. We are here for you. Whether you are a first-time job-seeker or seasoned professionals, SoMo will help you build a career with one of our many employer partners.

Do you need help with the identification of reliable, qualified and experienced personnel? We will do the search for you.  Just give us your needs and we will deliver to you employees with the tight skills, competencies and experience to make your business grow. We will help you to develop and nature your workforce for better efficiency and effectiveness.

At SoMo we don’t only identify the best fit for your workforce, we also train and prepare them ease of integration.

Are you noticing signs of low staff morale among your employees? We can help you fix it by matching job requirements with individual skills and developing a powerful team building programme specifically for you.

Are you having nightmares due to complaints on staff salaries and entitlements, Somo will help you in managing staff entitlements and developing salary scales for all categories of your staff

Staff recruitment, career development and management of human resources is our full time job.